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Recovery is possible. Early intervention is crucial.

Your child can recover and your life can stabilize again.  An eating disorder doesn't have to rule your or your child's life long term. 

Eating disorders become chronic when treatment is delayed and/or misguided. 

Grab The Empowered Carer Program and build a solid foundation, optimize their recovery. 

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You don’t have to spend another day guessing if or how recovery works, what to do, or be held back from forging ahead with recovery while providers around you don’t specialize in eating disorders or have a waitlist.

We know that parents and caregivers can play a crucial role in eating disorder recovery. However, they often share that they don’t know where to begin, how to stabilize or keep going in the right direction. 

This doesn't have to be you.

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Set yourself and your system up for success with a focused action and The Empowered Carer Program's step by step blueprint.

I put this roadmap together so that you have a clear, actionable plan and evidence based tools to tackle your child's eating disorder effectively.  From medical work up to managing your emotions, to knowing how to respond to your child, TECP is here to keep you focused on what works.

After all, during an active eating disorder individuals - especially teens and their actions - can become unrecognizable and disorienting for everyone involved. 

Eating behaviors can take over your child, pushing them into high levels of anxiety, resistance and anger, obstructing healing and recovery.

Regardless of the type of their eating disorder, the more malnourished their brain the more extreme behaviors come forward. 

It can be hard to decipher what is what, how to manage it and comprehend “why they do what they do”.

TECP is here to cut through that noise and help you to stay grounded and effective navigating your child's eating disorder.  

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Even though things in eating disorder recovery may not always make intuitive sense, you can be in control when empowered with the right knowledge, clarity, confidence and understanding of WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOESN'T. 


The Empowered Carer Program

is here to help you build a solid foundation necessary in order to navigate eating disorder recovery effectively, head on.

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Eating disorders can be vicious, even deadly, and they are impossible to fight without up to date knowledge and tools, supported by research as well as lived experiences of thousands and thousands of families.

TECP is here to help you maintain a strong footing and provide tools that will serve as YOUR ANCHOR throughout this journey.   

Let's get started!

I am Ilona Phillips 

I have spent the last couple of decades working with individuals and families struggling with eating disorders and related concerns.  I understand how stormy the recovery journey can be. I understand the ups and downs, overwhelm, pain and struggle that come with it. I have also had the privilege of seeing hundreds of individuals recover and find their way back to a deeply rich and satisfying life.

I know just how much the eating disorder recovery journey is impacted by various factors including length and severity of symptoms as well as lack of a clear plan in place.

You don't have to feel disoriented or lost. 

Yes, I know that finding effective treatment or strategies can often seem impossible. The number of specialized and effective providers, who truly understand eating disorders, is limited.  Many practitioners have a waitlist. Trust me, I know. This has always frustrated me for my clients. Now the need is higher than ever, and you don't have the luxury of testing and exploring  uncertain paths, seeing what sticks.

The good news?  You do not have to sit on the sidelines. 

Take charge, know what works. Go into recovery and your medical appointments well prepared, knowing what to look for, what questions to ask, how and what to advocate for on behalf of your child and how to measure progress. 

Dive in, learn how eating disorders work and how to support your child, not the eating disorder.  



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Ready at your fingertips, without delay or waitlist, evidence based knowledge and strategies, The Empowered Carer Program is here to support you with essential recovery pillars,  clear plan and effective strategies.  

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Let's build your recovery foundation.  


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This course is for you, the parent and carer

✔️ who likes to take action, not sit on the sidelines, feeling powerless, in denial or confused, wishing and hoping ED would just go away

✔️ who knows winging this is not an option 

✔️ who understands the advantage of navigating challenges with a clear, actionable plan and measurable goals

✔️ who knows the importance of fortifying their own foundation with proven tools in order to be effective with their child

✔️ who wants to be well prepared when navigating the medical system and other supports and resources

✔️ wants to avoid repetitive, misguided efforts that only lead to more of the same or worse 

This course is for you if you refuse to accept this as the status quo and let it paralyze you in inaction or bargaining with reality, taking detours. 

No, this won't go away.  No, we can't wing it or try to address it without looking the eating disorder straight in the eye, exactly as it is.  

Knowing how eating disorders work and what's necessary in successful recovery is more than half the battle, and you can get on the right track. Right HERE, right NOW. 

And if you have questions, reach out!



Of course you wonder how to tackle an eating disorder, what’s next, how to help your child effectively, and without delay since every day counts in eating disorder recovery. Sure, eating disorders are complex and can be fatal. You already know you have to show up, and lack of confidence or direction don't have to stop you from taking action.

You don't have to keep feeling uncertain. You don't have to be finding yourself overwhelmed, disoriented, unsure of what to do next, feeling fearful, distressed, in shock or exhausted. 

I have helped hundreds of individual clients and families to tackle eating disorders. I know this process can and does work.

You did not ask for this, I know. 

But, it's here. 

Jump in, build your blueprint, start taking control back.

Here to help you feel more confident and equipped in the healing process of your child. 

Yes, it is possible! 

I see you! This is not easy. I put this course together to help you go from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed to feeling empowered, prepared and in control.

There is really no room for guessing. Eating disorders can be ruthless. You give an inch and they take a mile.

The good news is that they don’t have to dominate your life forever.

Get your recovery roadmap in place. 

The Empowered Carer Program modules are here to walk you through and help you build the necessary foundation and scaffolding to respond to the immense power of eating disorders in a prepared, focused way. 

You'll get 6 modules and 24 bite-sized lessons packed with information, strategies and tools.  

Audio only version is included. Life is busy. 

Listen on the go.

Don't wait. 

This doesn’t have to be a guessing game, and you don’t have to do it alone or confused. 


Build a strong, sustainable recovery foundation.

Understand biology and maintaining cycles of ED. 


Connect your recovery foundation and support systems.

Know how to use medical support and assessments. Manage your work, family and other support systems effectively. 


Capitalize on food as medicine.

Understand and structure meals to fortify and expedite recovery.


Learn the key elements of family treatment and how to do it at home.

Understand what works.


Capitalize on your values and strenghts.

Tap into your value system to keep you focused and grounded even when challenged by the ups and downs of an eating disorder recovery.


Learn key elements of interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Know what to say and not to say, how to validate effectively and why SUCCESS BEGINS HERE. Practice strategies to help you regulate yourself, your child and your systems. 

JUMP IN and start taking advantage of this program, helpful videos, worksheets, task and schedule tools – even snacks & meal ideas. I've got you covered.  

Early intervention is critical!

Getting effective help as early as possible significantly increases the rates of successful, long term recovery and decreases likelihood of relapse. The time is now. 

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$247 USD


Taxes, if applicable, are calculated at checkout. Due to the digital nature of this product with an immediate access, the purchase is final and non-refundable. For any questions, please contact us here prior to purchase.


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Join the Empowered Carer Program today!

One payment of:

$247 USD


Taxes, if applicable, are calculated at checkout. Due to the digital nature of this product with an immediate access, the purchase is final and non-refundable. For any questions, please contact us here prior to purchase.