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EDCC is for you if you...

  • are committed to ongoing, effective¬† support of your child's recovery from an eating disorder
  • want up to date, evidence-based recovery tools¬†for the various stages and issues that come up at each junction of recovery.
  • do¬†NOT want to do recovery journey alone.
  • want to take advantage of¬†the EDCC Q&A and our private community that gets it.
  • have completed TECP -¬†The Empowered Carer Program.¬†
eating disorder support membership cover
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Nobody understands the eating disorder recovery journey like those who have been or are going through it.

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Yes, you can educate the family members and friends who are invested enough to listen and be helpful but even those who have seen you in the trenches fighting the battle don't live your day to day.

You work around the clock. It doesn't stop when everyone leaves for the day. It doesn't stop when the door closes and you are exhausted, picking up the pieces.

It doesn't stop when the eating disorder throws yet another curve ball and surprises you with yet another demand or new steps you have to take.

It can be a lonely journey!

But it doesn’t have to be.

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Join our ED Carers Connected community for ongoing support, helpful tips and strategies, Q&A calls, member only podcast and more!

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In our membership community you:

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Build on and strengthen your ED recovery foundation.

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Acquire additional tools and strategies to tackle your current and future stages of recovery.

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Have the option of participating in our Q&As or watch the replays.

ed recovery community

Go ahead of the curve and learn from the wisdom, trials and errors of our members who have been there.

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Get support from our community that gets it like nobody else does.

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Be part of something bigger. Get from giving. Share your wisdom and experiences, empower other members and help us change the narrative of eating disorders.

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Ed recovery can be very taxing. It can feel endless at times.

ED Carers Connected offers hope, support and respite from the otherwise isolating journey. You don't have to feel lost, powerless and alone.

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Answers to the questions you might still have

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eating disorder specialist

Hi, I am Ilona Phillips 

I have been a psychotherapist and a coach for the last two decades and I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients, families and organizations with a variety of mental health concerns and wellness.

I teach skills and share essential resources for families and carers of children, teens and adults with eating disorders, helping caregivers take control back with confidence and a clear plan.

Eating disorders don’t have to control your life and you can feel conÔ¨Ādent and empowered to tackle them with eÔ¨Äective tools, up to date knowledge, strategies and support.

I look forward to sharing more inside our membership!

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